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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

As you can see, we struggle to find the time to write on our blog, despite having multiple ideas and super interesting content! One of these blog posts has been floating around since Christmas, "What is the future opportunity of AI within content production?". Again with abject failure, we have now turned to AI to help with this procrastination.

Firstly, we visited everyone's favourite AI tool, Chatgpt to write and style it (we chose the style of Private Eye, to make it informative, high brow, yet punchy!). We then pasted this to video maker, Steve AI. Chose a theme and voila! In 5 minutes we have the post thats been rattling around since 2022.

It's not original, it's not beautifully crafted, but it was free, super easy, and quick to make. What it does do is demonstrate it's functionality and what it might be to Craft & Science in future. With Chatgpt Plus and Steve AI's Pro packages available, it could look and read even better.

So sit back and enjoy this basic demonstration of AI generated content production using free and easily available tools. It also goes someway to part answering the question, before we ran out of slides!

It made us realise, companies making this tech need paying to make it work properly and look good!

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