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So back in June 21 we were invited to witness a Virtual Production shoot at their Garden Studio's stage. Yesterday, I was invited to their new studio Mars Volume, Ruislip for a tour of its bigger studio which is twice the size, and make the possibilities even more endless!

It was a great opportunity to take some clients with me and witness this new stage first hand. They were able ask questions about what to think about pre-production, best practice when shooting and get an insight from experts on Unreal Engine's game changing technology.

Quite Brilliant's Russ and Lesley did an excellent job showcasing work, and taking us through the process, before seeing the end product. So many techniques and trickery that make this such an exciting and sustainable area.

So if anyone is interested in exploring Virtual Production, be sure to get in touch with Quite Brilliant. They are very much at the forefront of Virtual Production, and their new bigger studio, makes even bigger stories, come to life!

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